Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Oh Yes!! We’re Back With This!! (Part One)

 Dipped for a minute but came right back; Oh yeah! I was still out there on I-20 from Birmingham  to Columbia / Sumter.

...they ask me what's up with ya? told them I'm holding it down from the ATL to Louisville! we’re dropping this good word plus we’re bringing the funky drummer! 

Naysayers will say it’s a bummer; they say we slipped into darkness like that track by War but truth be told? we were there and  it was rough getting out!!  it was way too real! due to global warming? on thin ice we’re skating!

Slipped out of darkness, I dipped; that's not the way to feel!!  but I noticed others were still waiting! 

.....All up in the dark questioning like the GOP opposition to the Covid Relief Bill but questions answer themselves! jokers are out here  politicking like they're running for office!

Its more like politricking; meanwhile these brothas are going off with this!

Oh yes we’re back with this! Check the sound as digital crate digging continues! we come through with house music or even hip hop  plus jazz  and funk which flow through my bloodstream!

Oh yes, we’re back with this but lately? had to admit we’re offbeat / out of sync, on disasters brink? playing a twisted tune it seems! It’s the HumpDay Extravaganza but Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday type fragments of previous episodes interfere with funk modes! Getting over the hump? Oh yes we’re back with this! Relive life to get it right? Oh no! we’re not going back down those roads!

Getting over the hump? Oh yes, we’re back with this because this is the business and it’s of a breakbeat scientific nature.

Beats will bump plus this good word is dropped we haven’t stopped! We’re keeping it real, we’re not trying to fake ya!

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