Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Staying On Point PT,5

We're putting this down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, so you know we're staying on point..

Blessed to be here, bearing witness to the Full Moon in Virgo reminding us we've got work to do; warriors were praying, with oil they'll anoint..

We'll take it there, but who'll work with a bro? they'll play us like Jeff Bezos and Amazon vs NYC; I was just trying to be Rocky Mountain High in Colorado like I was John Denver!

...as I get free and stay free, advancing!! even trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding but history keeps repeating like Jair Bolsonaro and his grileiros  trying to pillage the indigenous lands in the Amazon region of  Brazil!! this brotha knew the deal so O-Dizzle is a sonic defender! 

He's the big beat blender, while the alter ego O-Zone is dropping this healthy word salad aka the  good word..

Similar to the dread named Tony from Jamaica up in Louisville, over in the hood; jokers said he was foul with it when he said he had the good herb!!

....filtered with parsley and oregano so whatcha know? what's heard? meanwhile we're told to render onto Caesar  what was his but he'll declare a National Emergency like Trump so he can shift the funds around;  these Romans were Shady Like Grady!

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya / wouldn't want to be ya!! shady like deals by Wells Fargo or  the Palestine embargo; things were getting hazy..

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya!! what it do? what it does? damn!! now backlash is received like it's the AIPAC vs BDS battle...

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya! what it do? what it does? O-Zone is rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to 2Pac with  that's just the way it is as the trunk will rattle!!

...or maybe listening to Bruce Hornsby and The Range with the original version, still swerving knowing how the sport will be but operating like I have free range;  still observing corporations treat us like fraternities and sororities; heard  homie say  they're trying to haze me!!

We're staying on point; I told a joker  I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya !! but damn!! I  heard some talking a good game like Roger Stone;  heard of his shenanigans but unlike Luther, it didn't amaze me! 

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