Monday, September 17, 2018

We're On A Different Page PT.2

We turned the page, now we're on a different one!! dropping science but not rolling like Katt Williams a belligerent one.

Felt the rage as he went at Wanda Smith and Tiffany Haddish, was he on that hashish?  soon it was meet my outside like DMX and Ruff Riders; the rage, a different one? 

What's the deal with O-Zone? now using breakbeat science to get over!! this is part of a bigger plan, not pulling our troops off the front line....

We break it down for those waiting on answers!!  O-Zone has the good word O-Dog has the funky loops that will rock, repelling those trying to front one mine!!

We're on a different page,  so who'll knock the hustle?  they'll be running off at the mouth like Tucker Carlson vs Michael Avenatti..

We're on a different page!! keeping a low profile, Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian but haters were starting something like Michael Jackson when they "holla at me" 

We're on a different page, check the style!! a groove will be hooked up by O-Dog;  admitting he had his game face on like jokers on the way to work on this Monday Morning!!  moves are mysterious showing no emotions in the game..

We're on a different page, check the style!! O-Zone did the knowledge, The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is calculated!!  these spiritual vocations occurred due to Butti 49 Spiritual Rotations!! who's gonna accept the blame?

Old dude up in Louisville / Newburg told me it's all game;  so  the way we move is futuristic!!  but old school like Miles Davis..

Old dude up in Louisville / Newburg told me it's all game as we follow Human Nature like Mike, from the apparatus we took a strike; did we misbehave with this?

So what's the deal? somebody might embrace this; like the Method Unique track we posted they'll have to read between the lines..

So what's the deal? we're on a different page with this!! like AZ it's rather Unique; somebody might be able to read to signs..

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