Saturday, September 8, 2018

Patchworks - Sugar (Amp Fiddler Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues in conjunction with Afternoon Jazz; we're rolling!!

Already dipped down I-20 in Atlanta earlier, so who'll work with a a brotha? this is a soul thing!!

O-Zone? dropping science like Obama out in Illinois!! these other jokers are rolling foul!

Danger zones were full of drama, ill ones are hard to avoid!! how did they fill the void? by rolling foul!!

We're still rolling with that jazzdance / soul jazz / house music style!! listening to Patchworks with a track called  Sugar (Amp Fiddler Remix)

We're still rolling, trying to advance but bumping heads with the foul!! please!! that's not how it works!! we'll rebuke them by getting breakbeat scientific..

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