Sunday, September 2, 2018

Best of Korey Wade | Hip-Hop / LoFi / Jazz-Hop and Funk

Sunday Jazz Continues; excuse me if a dude is coming from left of center with it...

Check out the menus from soul's kitchen, as we sit in hell's kitchen!! the center of it?

Check out how we're rolling on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend; the sound is dropped...

Check out here we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta the entrance to the galaxy; but on earth the mothership dropped...

Listening to the Best of Korey Wade | Hip-Hop /  LoFi  /  Jazz-Hop and Funk; he hip hopped and jazzed it up on this Sunday...

According to Korey Wade? he dropped "synths, samples and chops featuring all kinds of beats" ; soul and jazz is emphasized..

Check out the music played and the mix; he's jazz hopping it, based on that sound from the streets!! this is how we roll, don't be surprised!!

02:20 Korey Wade - Nice
04:15 Korey Wade _ I Love The Rain
07:02 Korey Wade - 1982
09:33 Korey Wade - Midnight Flight (feat. Mr. Goldenfold)
11:33 Korey Wade - Running
13:19 Korey Wade - The way we go
15:28 Korey Wade - See You
17:04 Korey Wade - Miraculously
18:29 Korey Wade - Better Believe
20:12 Korey Wade - Vntage Love
22:17 Korey Wade - You
24:04 Korey Wade - Bittersweet
26:48 Korey Wade - Family Style (feat. AOTA)
28:41 Korey Wade - Wonder
30:56 Korey Wade - Brother
32:55 Korey Wade - Goodlife
34:47 Korey Wade - Vacation
37:00 Korey Wade - We Don't Mind
39:11 Korey Wade - Todays Agenda
41:46 Korey Wade - Undercover Lover

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