Sunday, September 9, 2018

Valique - The Journey (The Uptown Felaz Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, it's going down in conjunction with a little digital crate digging..

The saga / struggle continues, check the function!! it's rough out here but I'm not trying to spaz like Serena Williams..

Just dropping this good word and the funk son!! usually Chilling Like A Villain / Louisville but shady dealing has me out here.

Reflecting, back in the day on a Sunday? usually chilling in Shawnee or Chickasaw Park up in Louisville with the wannabe Goodfellas, out there!!

But now I'm out on I-20 in Atlanta, out here listening to the smooth track from Valique called The Journey (The Uptown Felaz Remix)  !!

I tell you what; this journey as been something else!! memories of the unique style contributed to me being breakbeat scientific..

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