Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We're On A Different Page PT.1

This HumpDay Extravaganza is underway, but you'll have to excuse us;  in this book of life we're on a different page..

Blessed to see this day, understand a brotha? knowing the Lord will use us!! I wasn't a crook for life,  even though I felt a different rage!!

A different age, old school with new school and next school ways!! San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz could bear witness that  the devil will oppose like Trump vs Puerto Rico  during Hurricane Florence discussions but I already knew what it do, so I didn't sweat the technique;  I was on a different page anyway...

Check the winning or losing streak,  feeling the same rage? what it do? please!! it's like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday segments / series;  it can go either way..

In some spots like Yemen and Syria plus even here in the ATL?  the outlook is bleak!!   "ain't no love" / morale was low!!  who's spotted waiting in the dark, talking about it is what it is??

Shady dealing led to the mass hysteria!  jokers were operating like the old cliche;  "eggs counted before they're hatched" ;  like eggs from Gravel Ridge Farm down here in the south they'll get recalled, so  whats up y'all? it's like that and like this!!

We're on a different page but we continue to play;  it's the HumpDay Extravaganza but check the status!!  our thinking is like Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday; we're on the mound throwing strikes like Bob Gibson,  also swinging at them like Reggie Jackson..

Per this Humpday Extravaganza? let the music play like Barry White.!!  plus,  maybe some will understand a brotha dropping insight after going on strike from the apparatus; we kept hope alive, that's word from Jesse Jackson..

He's still dropping knowledge like he did at the Aretha Franklin funeral he wasn't trying to act brand new with ya!! now it's on and popping!! once again it's on,  we're not stopping!! told some I'm not worried about them,  they should be worried about me!!  work is put in like Samuel L Jackson..

We're on a different page!! we were Chilling Like a Villain / Louisvillian but due to the rage it's on and popping!! but we're keeping our eyes out for these gamblers out for a fast buck, cards they're stacking...

We're on a different page but "all up in the middle of the action" ; back on the scene with the brand new funk as we rebuke the hostile takeover..

We're on a different page!! blue collar like an old school auto plant in Detroit,  putting in work!! the break is over...

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