Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Aybee ft. Omega - Every Kind Of Way

The HumpDay Extravaganza edition of Digital Crate Digging Continues! it's going down like this..

Getting over the hump type of plays are called like I was Colin Kaepernick in the huddle with Nike with the rebuttal; it's going down like this!

Getting over the hump, rocking out like Cheap Trick, but we didn't Surrender; the message was returned to sender..

Getting over the hump, cheap with it due to limited resources so not fronting like the Platters,  the Great Pretender..

Beats bump, this good word dropped; leading to reality divorces?  some of my constituents are feeling some kind of way.

Beats bump, checking out this broken beat / soul jazz / future jazz!!   listening to Aybee ft. Omega with  Every Kind Of Way

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