Friday, September 7, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.9

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian , on a Flashback Friday!! memories of rolling down Broadway and Muhammad Ali Blvd up in Louisville were prominent..

The game is not over, but maybe for deep state operatives writing New York Times op-eds; now we're out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie / bucket / rocket

Rebuking the Hostile Takeover!! End Of The Road Like Boyz To Men?  some might have to pull the plug!!

Plots / schemes and ploys not working? crashing and burning like California wildlfires?  as the shot clock expires dude took a pull off the altered Swisher, laced with the drug...

...or  like the Musical Youth mentioned it may have been the Dutchie passed from the left hand side..

"Puff Puff Pass" was the strategy of these Decatur youth, so what's the deally as we hit you up with this clearance rack epiphany?  we're still Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian as  priorities shift;  but for freedom? we still ride...

So Rough So Tough like Roger  as when we slide through portals, even though security heightens!! check points are set like it's Iraq or Afghanistan..

..Or even in The Gaza Strip and Lebanon but this is Dekalb County Georgia so what are they on? no justice no peace for a black man?

Trying not to spaz or flip, Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian!! any respect given by one the system anoints? please! I doubt it,  these folks are tripping out!!

Retaliating like Cory Booker or Kamala Harris knowing  the system "ain't fair with this"?  some of my constituents are flipping out!

I'm dipping out like a crook tires screeched, sharing this with my constituents!! it won't be my fault if I'm impeached like Trump mentioned...

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian , beseeched by my constituents to launch these Sonic Assaults!! broke financially but able to pay attention

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