Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Beatnuts - The Beatnuts Tape Vol.02

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're rolling like we were the Cleveland Browns moving on from Josh Gordon..

The saga / struggle continues, told them that's my motto; relieving the stress with this good word and these sounds on this Sunday morning!!

Sunday morning service? trying to get down / swerve with this!! but "buking / scorning" is expected from the naysayers..

Sunday morning observance usually spread throughout the week; those of us that are weak are fortified by the prayers..

Going on with it / hood with it dropping this sound for the players!! listening to this hip hop / jazzhop / soul infused  sound from The Beatnuts -with  The Beatnuts Tape Vol.02 courtesy of Nas Kingston..

The Beatnuts? supreme producers as the sound seduces us; Sunday Jazz? why not? it's a big world / universe,  somebody will see what I'm saying!!

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