Friday, September 28, 2018

Hi Tek - The Hi Tek Tape VOl 02

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; The O-Dog Day Party is underway...

The saga / struggle continues, flashbacks made O-Zone drop this good word while O-Dog will let the music play...

Flashbacks in this zone? Anita Hill 2.0 per Brett Kavanaugh / Christine Blasey Ford discussions? 

Flashbacks, per riding through Louisville and Cincinnati streets in the Ford Mustang trying to stay a step ahead of Babylon's corruptions?

What's the deal? listening to Cincinnati's own Hi Tek and The Hi Tek Tape VOl 02 courtesy of Nas Kingston..

Black Star and Reflection Eternal alumni!!  check the playlist and the mix to see how he'll ride!! it's going down from the ATL to Cincinnati, from  Johannesburg to Jamaica / Kingston!!

01. Lifting Off 02. Cincinnati 03. Eternal 04. Twice Inna Lifetime 05. Eat This Year 06. Fortified Live 07. Chaos 08. Ghetto Afterlife 09. Definition 10. Every Ghetto 11. Glorious 12. Good Mourning 13. Letter To The King 14. Miscellaneous 15. Move Sumthin 16. Next Universe 17. On Mission 18. RE-Definition 19. Round and Round 20. Some Kind Of Wonderful 21. Soul Rebels 22. Sun God 23. Tekzilla 24. This Means U pt. 2 25. Too Late 26. G - Unit 27. Back Again 28. Touch You

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