Monday, October 31, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT. 10 (The Concept Finale)

 We mentioned earlier, that we were out here, standing alone against the world; after suddenly feeling like a giant..

Now we have work to do, we have a mess to clean up like Clinton e-mails after we were accused of not being compliant..

I heard you!! they say I lied about it!! excuse me but   Parliament / George Clinton type Mothership Connections made the train of thought roll of the rails!!  

What's the word? what it do? who started it? now out here, standing alone against the world after the coping strategy fails..

What's the word on the curb?  the hooptie still dips down I-20 in Atlanta cruising through West Peachtree Street in Midtown where it seems all the money is, even though I didn't have any!! still moving forward never backwards............

...just like the old hip hop cliche, you heard me? word from a Warrior of Peace like Azar Lawrence in a world full of war and rumours of war per  Matthew 24:6-8  but we should know how that works!!

Out there, standing alone against the world!! on the road again like Willie Nelson as winds of change are blowing!!  per Scorpio Season? I'm ready to blast off!!  I spotted a portal to slide through.

Out there, standing alone against the world!! down with the homies!! the street code followed whether it's Louisville, Oakland, The A-Town or Charlotte!! I'm on it, it's like Iraqi soilders rolling up on Mosul when I ride through.

Discrete mode, avoiding FBI investigations per James Comey; will your folk hide you? somebody's even watching me, like Michael Jackson and Rockwell.

This Is It? investigations indicate that the drought wasn't over!! I see waters are depleted like Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell.

"It ain't hard to tell".. like Nas said...  check out how Hunger Games Peacekeepers alt / shift / deleted!! the block is hot from Louisville, Oakland, the A-Town to Charlotte.

From Jax on the First Coast to the West Coast out in LA. / The Bay Area!!  we're trying to take it to the bridge, Out There: Standing Alone Against The World!! this is the concept finale but the not the final conflict when we're *All Up In The Spot*

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