Thursday, October 27, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.8

We're caught out there like it's ATL traffic!!  this is truth or reality as we know it.

Standing alone against the world, but performing magic after suddenly feeling like a giant; now going for it. 

Moving forward but it's easy to blow it!!   gatekeepers and naysayers collaborate!!  check the intricate plot or scheme. 

Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweep the perimeter!!  they're mad because you're not on the team. 

Your supposed to be with other clones monitored by drones and security cameras. 

The devil is opposed!!  O-Zone is putting work in showing earthlings what stamina is.

 Blue collar style!!  white collar criminals were foul,  as they loot the treasury like Wells Fargo types:  then damned us if we did or didn't. 

The daughter of chaos seduced the so called player / pimp; now in love, he was smitten.

She was chastised, like Newt Gingrich did Megyn Kelly: can you smell me? that's per E-40 or maybe can you smell what The Rock is cooking / Dwayne Johnson. 

Playing Scorpion King, ignored the grinch,  jokers can't tell me when to go per Scorpio Season

Doing my thing, in the midst of matrix glitches and technical difficulties!  standing alone against the world after suddenly feeling like a giant.

God is good!!  trying to stay on the one,  but Human like The Human League mentioned;  not always compliant.

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