Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.6

Like I've mentioned before per this concept,  I'm standing alone against the world. 

I paid attention even though I'm broke, no profits from being slick like Haliburton; my kind are hurting!!  it's like I'm in Mosul against ISIS,  where the drama unfurled. 

Dipping!! running curl and wheel routes like Julio Jones,  but Richard Sherman types were in the way.

 "Go fast and Sherm hypes" weren't needed!!  rolling like Usain Bolt or a liar struck by a lightning bolt;  ready to roll, we're on our way. 

Pimping with a perm / gators and polyester suit with that Detroit style? no, that's the wrong dial!! I'm on my own like Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle. 

Big Worm?  naw!!  but lessons learned when everything's not working!! blocked like Wikileaks  Julian Assange's internet access!! stressed, so we can fail?

Doing our thing,  working it all out!!  dealing with losing and winning streaks per this danger zone business. 

Suddenly felt like a giant standing alone against the world!! that's what the deal is. 

Breakbeat scientific business is handled!! rebuking fast buck schemers who gambled. 

Fake ones in these streets vandalized the structure with fake incoherent graffiti / hieroglyphics;  like Donald Trump vs Condoleezza Rice they just rambled. 

Take one and call us in the morning was what the corrupt doctor said, perpetrating in this zone...

Shaking one off, it's all on us, standing alone against the world!! word from O-Zone..

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