Thursday, October 6, 2016

Out There : Standing Alone Against The World PT.3

 I'm out there, zoning!! man, it's rough out here!! but I'm not frustrated like Odell Beckham Jr.

I'm standing up; standing alone against the world!! please!! you should know these earthlings will act brand new with ya!!

That's how they work things!! let me clue you in on something; this dude is not compliant..

Check out how we work things!! blowing in like Hurricane Matthew, so what it do? I suddenly feel like a giant..
Acting like I knew!! relying on the Lord to see me through!! Oh!!  so this is how it works a naysayer will ask!!  heard saying, Oh! I see its like this!!

I told them they might as well settle in like Russia bombing Aleppo so whatcha know?  the saga / struggle continues!!  oh yes!!  we continue to fight this! 

What?  spiritual warfare!!  we take it there!!  I guess as long you're on earth there'll always be something. 

What it do?  what, you didn't know? earthlings are like  Michael Jackson's  wannabe starting something. 

What it do? sounds were bumping out of the hooptie over on Panola Road in Lithonia, Georgia; damn!!  some more of that basic 1,2,3 / ABC /  ATL so called hiphop. 

What it do? sounds were bumping out of my hooptie, listening to Gangstarr Full Clip plus  Royal Flush's Iced Down Medallions; damn son!!   was I stuck in the 90s?  I'm always listening to some of that hiphop.

Dealing with the same type of madness? damn son!! it didn't stop!!  out there, standing alone against the world? reflected on while walking,  soaking up Libra sun rays.

 Jupiter is in Libra too,  conservative or liberal, so what it do?  out there, standing alone against the world? how will one play?

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