Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (The Back At Home Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles, it's based on being outback raking leaves. 

Posted up, back at home!! I was on Wordpress,  you heard this? I'm not out of it!!  a fake one deceives. 

Posted up like Donald Trump? stop the press!! he's talking about rigged elections!!  I pumped brakes at these intersections. 

...From Atlanta on I-20 and Candler Road to Charlotte, I-85 and Beatties Ford Road!! me and the #badhombres spark insurrections. 

No time for Trump and a nasty woman, I'm in survival mode!! I'm  outback in a section of my yard, where as soon as I rake leaves more will fall. 

Reality thumps us upside the head like the Gap Band; out of it?  no cousin!!  I still go hard,  even though a fake one believes I'll take a fall. 

Chilling out,  I took a break from y'all;  especially after I hit the wall, so let the healing process begin

Outback reflecting while raking leaves; it's the last week of the Sun in Libra, soon it'll be Scorpio season!! it'll be time to win!!

Jupiter will still be in Libra, so I see ya!!  it's also the adversity anniversary. 

Acting brand new with ya?  naw!! still the same old dude, trying to get somebody to work with me. 

...They can join me outback raking leaves  / trimming trees, but I had to tell dude it's not the kind you smoke

They didn't anoint me!! they said I'm out of it,  but still funky drumming!! but excuse me because the beats and this English will be broke. 

Reflecting broken spirits / pain and anguish? this is no joke!! these breakbeat scientific principles are serious. 

Going for broke,  after these Outback Chronicles let my folk know what the deal is. 

Going for the inside joke? you'll get gaffled that way like the squirrel jacked by the crow in my backyard...

Going for the inside joke? some were left baffled, they got played!! now they want to come back hard!!

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