Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Out There; Standing Alone Against The World PT.4

 The hits keep coming!! damn! even Samsung can tell you it's rough out there! especially when you're standing alone against the world!!

The hits keep coming!! damn!! what else can go wrong? but now we're  good word dropping and funky drumming per suddenly feeling like a giant!! the Lord will bless us and keep us as the drama unfurled!
The hits keep coming,  like it was the American Top 40 radio program. 

Per Casey Kasem or Ryan Seacrest,  in the midst of the madness? the Lord will bless, so whatcha know man? 

On the case again!! standing alone against the wordl!!  no rest for the weary,  some are spaced out like Timothy Leary

They're on that stuff, sniffing like Donald Trump while we try to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we raced out ahead of the game,  but we hit the wall trying to survive in a hostile territory. 

...Using a hot style to tell this story,  as we get breakbeat scientific. 

Mile markers were passed per the DMV Showcase on the Atlantic to West Coasting out on the Pacific.

Hurricane Matthew showed out in the Atlantic and Caribbean, to be specific my folk in Haiti caught the brunt of it.

Felt the pain, so O-Zone will "holla atcha"  getting scientific like Move and Ramona Afrika not making a stunt of it.

Maintaining!! but per danger zone business, from the ATL to Africa we're still in the hunt for it; what?  freedom!! 

Maintaining!! standing alone against the world!!  you don't quit and you don't stop!! but some front and flex!!  I see them, but wouldn't want to be them.

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