Monday, October 17, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.5

 It's rough out here in these zones!! The brotha O-Zone is not going to lie about it!! 

But once again it's on!!  we're winning games at the last minute like Russell Wilson  / "I Suddenly Feel Like A Giant" 

....Standing Against The World, but Atlanta Falcons cry about it after the drama unfurled... 

But once again it's on!! like rolling down I-85 caught in traffic after Clemson barely beat NC State!!   please!! these jokers show hate like Russell Westbrook feeling the shade hurled...

The chief rocker O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and tone!! O-Zone drops this good word per standing alone against the world!! business will get handled up in the lab.

Who's sick with it, a hustle knocker? or per Donald Trump and rigged elections they just might be slick with it!!  the habit? they try to kick it, but they can't be trusted!! even up in rehab.

Were scientific with it, standing alone against the world trying to get over the hump!! taking a stab at it like dude did up in Louisville, at the Mel Waiters mentioned hole in the wall club.

Like others, he even mentioned having his whiskey now the situation will get tricky, but O-Dog will kick it to you!!  what? the hip-hop soul for y'all /  plus funk, house, drum and bass, plus dub.

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate, so where you at? any Diplomatic Immunity? Al Roker will tell you the weather in your neck of the woods...

Forensic rheroric or belligerence?  Out There: Standing Alone Against The World!! just trying to make a difference!!  even left the Eastside with the Jeffersons, I dipped back to the community; any respect in these hoods?...

Macking like Tom Brady?  the return of the Mack?  meanwhile I stay on track rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  just left I-75 in Macon this past Sunday. 

Home of Otis Redding,  spotted the statue!!  now back in the ATL to "holla atcha"  still rolling down I-20.

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