Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Out There; Standing Alone Against The World PT. 7

 I was caught out there; but I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!!

Now I'm ready to take it there!! it's Scorpio Season!! , but knowing in this sport there will be treason, that keeps me in conflict with this world...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change: some will change their minds like Colin Powell supporting Hillary Clinton...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change; San Francisco 49er fans abandon ship saying Colin Kaepernick is foul, meanwhile I turned the dial while rolling in the hooptie down I-20 in Atlanta looking for some George Clinton 

A brotha may have mentioned this before but that's how I'm working it bro!!  madness methods were developed while standing alone against this world!!

Your dude is actually intergalactic like the Cassini Spacecraft out by Saturn!!  playing Yamaha and Casio keyboards when I bring this math, recognize the pattern!!   but not spaced out  in a Dreamworld

Not falling off rides like in Australia, I ride for freedom but coping strategies will fail ya! had to tell some to stop trying to front on this mystic!! O-Zone?  a brotha is multi-dimensional.

They said I was falling off, just out there!! I had to tell them a brotha is ghetto, country , alley, plus a black urban professional.

Who's calling off the battle as good and evil clash at the confessional?  during the storm?  lightning struck the temple.

Light was shed on the Smoke and Mirrors show!! back in the day? old dude  in Louisville tried to correct a bro,  show me what a pimp will do.

Told to act like I knew, so I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!! but you know the saga / struggle continues!! the simple was made complex by flagrant agents.

Everybody has a story to tell!!  the word is heard from Aleppo in Syria to word from Atlanta., with the Five Points Marta Station vagrants.

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