Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Adversity Anniversary (Random Thoughts Special Edition)

Life is not a walk in the park; please!!  bear witness,  life is hectic

Like Clinton e-mail hunters haters stalk!! as we go through the toil and strife?   they disrespected. 

These sonic hunter gatherers chalk it up to experience / charge it to the game:  turmoil is expected from these earthlings.

Sonic assault mathematics are dropped in response? oh yes!!  reminded on this birthday aka adversity anniversary!!  I remember how they work things. 

Mind is tripping but I'm not flipping out,  I'm trying to Get Down per Curtis Mayfield.

 Dude tried to holla at me!! he asked what's up big pimping? it's  like I'm playing the field. 

It's not a simple thing as I keep it revolutionary!!  I didn't yield,  the main reason for this adversity anniversary. 

....Usually posted this math  at my satellite station ,  moved here to Random Thoughts trying to get somebody to work with me. 

Drama? the fronts are local, national, international and intergalactic! rigged by a fanatic like Trump mentioned about elections...

Drama? a hater fronts / flexed / acting irrational!! charges are trumped up, they even mentioned my imperfections...

A brotha rolled up on these intersections on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, trying to keep everything in perspective...

A brotha rolled through these intersections!! it's my birthday / adversity anniversary!! I rideaway / getaway like Agent K knowing that God is in the blessing business!! trying to keep everything in perspective...


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