Thursday, November 3, 2016

Adversity Anniversary (Another Random Thoughts Special Edition)

What's up with a brotha? still posted up at Random Thoughts From A Brotha  with this Adversity Anniversary concept.

....In conjunction with Sonic Assaults; like the UK dealing with Brexit a brotha is dealing with Adversity Anniversary issues;  the madness didn't stop. 

What's the function?  what's the mood dude?  a dude is not trying to fake it, this good word and a beat? he'll break it, trying to figure it out along the way. 

Dropping the funk and this good word son!! but like Trump's presidential campaign naysayers claim I did the wrong way. 

...Plus they claim it's the wrong day;  cats like Herman Cain say we've been played.

 He said rolling with the Democrats contributes to the madness; he said we've been played!!

...Plus Nathan Shady Deal types played the colored people!! now the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People is mad. 

What's the deal? bad hombres ask Billy Ocean, what is the colour of love?  O-Dizzle will chop that up in the lab

What's the deal? haters contribute to the madness with the ill promotion!! what can they do for me? nothing!! now they're mad at me because I'm at the service desk returning bogus merchandise.

That's the deal!!  per this adversity anniversary winds of change blow!! I'm even under suspicion!! sometimes karmic repercussions aren't nice.

Sometimes,  cashing reality checks aren't nice!! at what bank and on what account was it drawn on?

It might bounce like Lebron going to the hoop!! word from the Brotha O-Zone!!

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