Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Taking The Next Step / Hitting The Reset Button PT.9

Oh yes! I mentioned taking the next step / hitting the reset button.

It's going down but a dude stumbled!! arrested development at the critical stage of development?  playing the role of a punishment glutton? 

What's the mood dude? that's what I was asked;  I was listening to Arrested Development with Tennessee as the bass rumbled in the mothership,  as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific. 

...It's hot like Gatlinburg and the rest of Tennessee,  but reality humbled a dude;  it was rude!!  now,  Louisville / Newburg default settings?  a brotha will hit it! 

What? the reset button!! that's what's up son! from the ATL to Johannesburg,  from Pluto to Mars I deal with it!! astrologers say it's  per this new moon in Sagittarius. 

It ain't hard to tell per Nas,  that the drama will follow us!!  from Charlotte / Mecklenburg down state to Charleston per Dylan Roof as  jokers act nefarious. 

It ain't hard to fail, even if your like Pras a Ghetto Superstar featuring ODB and Mya!! 

It ain't hard to fail, as I trip over my own two feet plus I spar with myself and demons!! will it be this way until the shot clock expires?

It ain't hard to fail, as I roll down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie with slick tires!! at least lights stopped blinking on the instrument panel..

It ain't hard to fail!! who'll be wise to the set up? it's implemented by the so called Trump Transition Team, maybe a Trilateral Commission or a so called blue ribbon panel!!

No more flannel shirts and Chuck Taylors for a gangster per growth and development!!  rocking those pimp suits from South Dekalb Mall? 

Understand that on the other side of the spectrum the KKK is dressed up and receiving government posts per Donald Trump!!  meanwhile we're  trying to get over the hump taking the next step / hitting the reset button!! so what's up y'all?

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