Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT.7

 Taking the next step, hitting the reset button; some of us might need to take a seat, get some rest per Kanye West..

...He mentioned being under spiritual attack!! per Bobby Womack I Can Understand It!! who's not stressed?

...Spirits were under attack as soon as the mothership landed on terra firma!! I can see how these earthlings play...

Demerits issued by thought and fashion police when a brotha tries to get scientific? this is how we work things, we didn't have time to play!!

Taking the next step, hitting the reset button; of course we had to pray!! Lord help is the battle cry!!

No respect for a punishment glutton that didn't pray!! why should they ask why?
Taking the next step, hitting the reset button! intergalactic moves are  made through the galaxy, but no scarfs taken with me!! red for bloods / blue for crips / black for disciples...

Taking the next step, hitting the reset button but naysayers get foul with you and me!!  my response? in the lab working on the mothership after lights blink on instrument panels!! now I'm back with you. 

 Mathematical equations pondered, opportunities squandered? it's like trying to fix the hadron collider, at the same time a freedom rider!! dealing with the dark mystery of time and space

Caught up in an unpleasant situation? some will bear witness!! skating on thin ice due to climate change or global warming?  we span the globe after brain storming giving some a warning about the nefarious!! but some moved too fast, so haste made waste. 

Taking the next step, hitting the reset button!!  positive aspects? we cut and paste as seasons / reasons changed when the Sun moved to Sagitarrius!! who's fair  with this?  even the Mafioso controlled the waste management!!  what happened to the hazardous material? 

Taking the next step, hitting the reset button!! it's like old girls license plate on front of the Ford Flex...(or is it a Hummer Junior?).....too blessed to be stressed!! what we have is spiritual.

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