Friday, November 11, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.10

Once again it's on!!  O-Zone?  they said that dude was a hot mess. 

Just call him the hot messenger with more ramblings and musings,  a dude is still going through the process. 

God is not through with me yet!! meanwhile in Portland Oregon the Trump opposition will protest!! they're  told to stop the madness,  but they're mad about that and this. 

Beats thump and this good word is dropped, now thought and fashion police / naysayers say we're like DJ Khaled, we're on one!! we're back with this hot mess!!

Bully pulpits and stumps were occupied with those showing joy and glee due to the Election Day outcomes.

Bullies from the Caucasus aka Putin holla at Trump!! selecting a play?  meanwhile O-Dog will play the drums. 

Bullys Wit Fullys So Hood? somewhat, but Indian or African drums spread the message,  there's spiritual significance in this operation. 

The hot messenger delivered hazardous material?   oh no!! that's not my obligation 

A street prophet / messenger chilling on Broad and MLK near the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta, or on Ponce De Leon? or  in your city / your zone?

What can you say? life is rough / hectic, my people get disrespected, even the white working class per NAFTA, so what are you on?

The Clintons fault? what can you say? per the DMV Showcase I spotted homeless near all the Federal Buildings!! how will they brand ya?

George Clinton type Sonic Assaults from this hot messenger? oh yes, plus these ramblings and musings!! thought and fashion police ask, who'll try to understand ya?

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