Friday, November 18, 2016

Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT.6

 I mentioned the Scorpio Season and the Adversity Anniversary in previous entries to this Captain's Log!!

It's time to take the next step like Trump in transition; damn!! more Adversity University classes per the smoke and mirrors / the fog?

We're taking the next step!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta as beats thump in the hooptie obscuring the sound of the slipping transmission, we had to add fluid...

We're taking the next step, hitting the reset button!! check out these satellite station transmissions!! per the BlackByrds we Do It Fluid!!

We're taking the next step, hitting the reset button!! we're acting like we knew it as we proceed and continue...

But those that are faking crept up on a punishment glutton, similar to Trump voters?  please!! those chefs from Hell's Kitchen had ill meals on the menu.. 

Breaking from the ongoing drama? oh yes!! rolling in the mothership but,  where will it land ya? those were the questions asked, but on another level more lives were at stake..

What's up with the Brotha O?  they asked me what's the mood dude? they told me they didn't understand the breakbeat science that's dropped, said I deserved sixty lashes like I was dealing with ISIS; but this is real not fake...

It's over now,  I can't take anymore!! not dealing with the Clash Of Clans during the ongoing crisis!! per the Sun in Scorpio the reset button was hit by O-Zone..

Getting over the hump now!! but  the Sun moves to Sagittarius so I still deal with the nefarious!! divine intervention needed from Quentin Tarrentino type dramas!! damn!! I see the main character flipped in these zones!!

In the middle of danger zones?  I checked the scenario as Winds Of Change Blow / Where Do We Go From Here? I dipped back to the community...I was under siege.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded the structure is corroded!! but I have diplomatic immunity, God is in the blessing business!! man please!!

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