Monday, November 7, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.8 (The Party Is Over)

Check out these  Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings!! it's going down!!  Monday Morning is here!!  the party is over. 

It's another hot mess for ya!! not amusing to some even though Chic Good Times were had over the weekend!!  winning / losing streaking?  its all over.

More stress for ya per this or that time frame?  some will be rushed off the stage like Donald Trump

More stress for ya per this or that time frame? peace after the mind game? I don't know, in the meantime and between time O-Dog cold crushed!!  beats will thump. 

More stress for ya per this or that time frame? mind games imply the superior or inferior?  bully pulpits or stumps were occupied, but Pops said somebody lied!!  meanwhile over in Decatur players said keep it pimping player.

...That led to superior court arraignments plus child support payments, discussed at South Dekalb Mall on the cell phone by a player!!

Oh yes!! South Dekalb Mall;  home of the pimp / player suits and shoes, rocked after a player paid dues?

 Oh yes! any word from the hot messenger? I'm trying to tell y'all to say a prayer,  based on reports from CNN and Fox News.

Please!! my people can't be at ease!!  the views expressed will imply that the party's over. 

Any word from the hot messenger? Election Day is here!! we heard the lies,  but for some the party is over. 

Not just Presidential Elections, it's going down in your sections; it's not strange!!   I told you the drama is local, national, international,  and intergalactic.

Any word from the hot messenger? resurrections after the party is over? please!! is Doctor Strange needed,  jokers are acting irrational, but  what did you expect from a fanatic?

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