Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It Don't Stop!! It Don't Stop!! Check The Return Of The Hot Messenger

                                           *they said I was a hot mess*

I was up on I-85 in Charlotte,  all up in the hooptie Carolina Cruising!! listening to Large Professor..

Not on I-95 upstate from DC to NYC to Boston, that snow will get the best of ya..

Republicans turn up the hate trying to slow Obamacare and  immigration but I wasn't influenced by the instigation!! I'm rolling in the hooptie I'm not in a Compressor or an Escalade; I refuse to pay the cost...

I guess this is some more *Hot Mess*  for ya; I refuse to take loss..

Never fronted or flossed; I just have a Hot Message for ya; this is word from the salt of the earth..

Confronted evil; unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams; what's it all worth?

Wall Street caught some out there who fronted and flossed!! it was just a con game..

Gamblers Were Out For A Fast Buck; you know they'll try to run game..

Savings and Loan associations in the 80's /  the dot-com bubble / tech stock crisis the 90's and early 2000's  / see what they did to the mortgage industry? 

Even overseas Russia feels the pain per the ruble; meanwhile ISIS will act brand new with ya after being supplied with US weapons; who's  knowing what the deal will be? 

What's up with me? this is a Hot Message from the Hot Messenger..

More of this Hot Mess soon uploaded to Random Thoughts From A Brotha; strugglin can get the best of ya...

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