Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chopping Game Up

                                         *it's all game*

*Chopping Game Up*  analyzed and refurbished  just like the Brotha O-Dog does with beats...

He's got the sound your looking for;  that's what we swerved with down I-20 in Atlanta!! it's the soundtrack for the streets..

It's Going Down!! like Jordan vs ISIS  it heats up; it's like that plate you had from the family reunion cookout..

.....put it in the microwave; but check out the crisis!! like Russia vs Ukraine some won't behave; over in the hood? capers were pulled!! little homie was the lookout..

What's up mane? Who left the gate open?  who let the crook out of jail? now he's up to his same old ways...

....Up in Cook County Jail or wherever; bailed out;  new and improved methods as same games are played from the old days..

Meanwhile O-Dog plays that Hot Buttered Soul; R.I.P Isaac Hayes....

Next up? listening to some Bernie Mac   jokes; back then? Saturday and Sunday were rough days..

O-Zone?  these days?  a brotha is *Chopping Game Up*  as things heat up..

Like The Tropics; dealing with the polar vortex 2015 edition!!  but But We've Got It!!  soon chilling with our feet up.....

Soon we'll meet up; *All Up In The House* from NYC where they roll in Range Rovers!!

...To Down South where they roll in Impalas and Suburbans; The Game Is Over!!

Slow your roll bro!! some were all up in Chrysler 300's and Dodge Chargers harassed by authorities; it's not like you played for San Diego!!

Please? this game is worldwide, like those fools looking for Carmen SanDiego..

We stay one step ahead of Diablo; you'll get invaded like Russia did Georgia..

Do your homework little bro!!  I'm down here in the A-Town; but it's not that Georgia..

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