Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT.3 (Dealing With It)

                                       dealing with the madness

Dealing With The Madness; it's like the shootout at the Monroeville Mall near Pittsburgh!!  check out the ongoing chaos and turmoil; were all up in the thick of it...

Up in the lab with this;  Chopping Game Up!! that Louisville / Newburg brotha O-Dog hooked a track up!! O-Zone?  knowledge I'll kick to it..

In rehab with this!! Looked up for answers; plus prayers are sent up; God blesses us....

O-Dog hooked up the dancers!! now were considered Armed and Dangerous holding the hazardous material; we defeat odd ones that stress us...

It's like Boko Haram in Nigeria vs Goodluck Jonathan so what's up son? why mess with us?  jokers said good luck with that as we hit them up with this alternative Streaming Faith..

Visualized The Sequence;  it's all game as I peep this!! please!! it's like Jupiter Ascending as jokers act brand new with ya!! blending sorcery and so called faith!!

As we freak this? Full Moon in Leo / Jupiter in Leo is blending with the Sun in Aquarius!! jokers were acting nefarious!! the funk? they're faking it!! please!!! that's why these Funk Seminars are conducted...

Chopping Game Up!!  O-Zone?  still the same up in this piece; but somewhat corrupted..

But that's what's up with it!!  a Babylon resident!! couldn't help but get my hands dirty!!

...But I knew who to call at the end of the day; I was heard saying Lord Have Mercy!!!

In the A-Town? rolling down I-20 listening to Youngblood on KISS 104 as Mercy Mercy Mercy by the Cannonball Adderly Quintet plays!! 

We don't play around!! we're Chopping Game Up!! work is put in!! this good word is dropped as the funk plays...

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