Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT.5

These brothas won't fake the funk; Seminars are conducted!! plus haters will get assaulted..

Rolling up on them with the small army!!  using snares, 808s, samples; Hazardous Material when we come with it? 

Had to bring the War Drum with it!! Blowing Up The Spot like terrorists in Yemen!!

These brothas are trying to run with it like Kenyan marathon runners!!  who's in the amen corner? we won't go away!!  it's similar to the Taliban...

What's up man? they were able to regroup!!  but dollars?  others had to recoup so in 2014? Afghan opium production was off the charts!!! drugs were traded for weapons? 

What's up man? I'm Chopping Game Up!! holla if you hear me!! but due to Fifty Shades Of Grey  and Valentines Day? hearts were broken due to the mess they were in!!

I'm Chopping Game Up like 50 Cent vs Kanye;  but it doesn't mattter what they say!! meanwhile the poor are still suffering...

Per Ferguson / NYC Chokeholds the apparatus won't *stop hatin* on my folk;  it's like listening to music on the internet without high speed;  check the buffering.... 

How's that working? that's what they ask a brotha!! it's nothing man I told them because I knew *everybody ain't able*  

How's that working? that's what this brotha is asking!! it's tight in these hoods!!! *everybody ain't stable

Check out how we're working it!! we continue to get breakbeat scientific!! no leave of absense like Tiger Woods!! we continue to chop game up!! it's going down!!

Things were stagnant due to interference by agents that were flagrant!! please!! they were trying to clown!!

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