Friday, February 27, 2015

Doing What We Do Due To Business As Usual

What?  no federal charges for violation of civil rights charges against George Zimmerman?

Please!!  that's business as usual!!  you see there were no charges against Darren Wilson

That's the type of business we're dealing with!!  but the earth  keeps on spinning. 

Breakbeat scientific business is still conducted; sometimes losing,  sometimes winning. 

Will we get another chance like Adrian Peterson? we took a break from the usual life is hectic type of business!! now we're back on the street again!!  check out how we roll!!

Saints were sometimes sinning!!  these earthlings didn't want to act right!! please!!  they're out of control. 

New Orleans Saints type bounties will influence some!! please!!  jokers have mortgage payments and car notes. 

Mutiny on the bounty type shenanigans go down from Nigeria to Ferguson!! how you working it son?  O-Dog has the beats and O-Zone had these quotes. 

Oh!!  a brotha totes a whole sack full!!  it's in response to the business as usual!!   that's what he does. 

This is business as usual from our perspective as we get breakbeat scientific!!  this is what it do / what it does.  

Once again it's on as I bring it back!!  I'm just doing what I do

Rolling up with a small army riding the Siberian Express acting like I knew. 

God is laughing due to the plans per Psalm 2:4!!  but my soul is up in this thing per the math I bring!!  its going down like this! 

It's not odd;  check the last laughing due to some epiosodes / circumstances!!  meanwhile O-Dog will put the sound down like this!


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