Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do The Knowledge / Act Like You Knew That!!

Act like you knew that; do the knowledge!! so how you riding? what's up with it?

The mothership gets good mileage!!! we're sliding through portals like they were massive black holes!!  away from these earthlings!!  some fools are gluttons for punishment!!

What's up with it? watch what you ask for you just might get it!! it's a Hot Message from the *Hot Messenger*

O-Dog Podcast; check the Funk Seminar; Random Thoughts From A Brotha; a hot mess for ya? 

What's up with ya? please!!! folks are struggling!! we're all in the hole!!!

But we fight back; *All Up In The House*  bringing hip-hop; funk; house; jazz and soul..

Outside The Box; might roll up on clowns with The Small Army;  we come equipped..

O-Dog rocks; meanwhile I'm Droppin Knowledge; it was gained by peeping game!! watching as fools like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson at CPAC  tripped!!

Out There; Outside The Box!!  homie said nothing's fair in love and war...

Told them this is true; that's why I bring The Funk Seminar... 

Haters were raising the bar!! they tried to act brand new with me!! something about net neutrality!!  

Do the knowledge!! act like you knew that!! this brotha will exercise diplomatic immunity!!


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