Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Guess It's The Times We're Living In PT.3

What it do? as we get metaphysical!!  Out There In The Mainstream Of Mathematics..

From Alpha to Omega; like Hector rolling with Mexican Los Zetas we came back with this...

He came back with *this and that*  from Laredo Texas to Gwinnett County Georgia!  high grade meth and cocaine..

Feds keep track of this and that!! similar to  Russian checkpoints in Georgia or the Ukraine!! 

Whatcha know mane? homie asked me that over at the Quik Trip off I-20 in Atlanta; understand a bruh? I heard some one knows homie from the Russian / Ukraine Syndicate that got paid lovely from internet and credit card scams..

That fast money doesn't last; I guess it's the times we're living in!!  just like so called drug dealers in the ATL / Decatur high off their own stash homie went through it all!!  shooting up heroin from Afghanistan...

Opium / Poppy production was off the chart in 2014;  I guess the so called War On Terror didn't slow it down!! So What's Up Man? I heard dude owed money to his partners in crime...

They put the beat down on him!! the situation is out of control!! meanwhile O-Dog puts the beat down while O-Zone has the rhyme..

Rhyme or Reason? what's the season?  *It's The Times We're Living In*

Discussed in The Chronicles; that's how we respond to these and those!!  This Is What We're Giving...

They We're Going Crazy!!  that's how some were living..Daughters and Sons of Anarchy..

Check Out The Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position; We Roll Up On Them With A Small Army!!!

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