Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT. 10 (It Don't Stop / It Don't Stop )

What's the status? *Some We're Going Crazy*  Bufferin or Aleve won't get it!!  something stronger is needed....

Bumper crop from the poppy production in Afhanistan led to more heroin; plus these meth labs are rollin per the Cartels!!!  all up in the spot? others were weeded...

Help was needed; but you know FEMA is too slow; plus Republicans were playing games so where's Homeland Security?

Heard phones and computers were hacked by NSA; plus North Korea didn't like the Interview so what it do? showing insecurity? 

O-Zone has the Good Word; O-Dog hooked a track up; now we're  back up in here; Chopping Game Up....

Moving Forward; these brothas are not quiting or stopping; we'll turn the flame up.. 

Moving forward, but acting the same up in this piece, I wasn't acting brand new!!

There was no tax refund so I still ease on down the road per the Wiz in the hooptie; I wasn't rolling in anything brand new!! 

Plus there was no refund for paying the price!! *it ain't nothing nice*  who'll understand what it do? that's why we're Chopping Game Up!!

We refuse to come undone even if we lose players from the team like Chris Jones leaving Louisville; this veteran in the game now  coaching  tells my peeps they've *got to get their game up*

Plus I'm not the one to blame up in this piece!! they call me Uncle "O"  not acting crazy like #CreepyUncleJohnTravolta*

I'm Chopping Game Up in this piece!! act like you know a brotha!!

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