Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT. 6

Chopping Game Up; please!! it's not over!! even though  It's A Dark Mysterious World We're Slipping Through..   so what it do?  

The Game Is Shady Like Grady; it's still crooked; where you dipping to?

Surrounded by Shady Characters rolling similar  to the  operatives in a police state?   or maybe like terrorist attacks in Denmark but some will miss their mark due to skipping through all the important steps..

Like Denmark Vesey and a moment in Black History the sound is used in spiritual warfare as a weapon; The funk is what one gets...

Funk Seminars are conducted; Chopping Game Up making history!! we let you know about fouls that are flagrant...

The Mothership Has Landed; but we flow down waters that are stagnant..

Out There!!  In The Mainstream of Mathematics?  please!! it was like Kanye vs The Grammys  O-Zone never got any awards...

Dealing with a bunch of fanatics; fighting them off with double edged swords..

Dealing With The Madness; not rolling in tricked out old school Honda Accords like these cats in Atlanta on Buford Highway..

Chopping Game Up; Visualized The Sequence; Whose Part Of The Conspiracy?

Now get with me even though I'm not the one to blame after the drama unfurled per the Islamic State operating in Iraq!!  I'm back dropping this Sonic Assault..

Chopping Game up; How were we supposed to respond to the hell that's caught?

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