Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whats The Word On The Curb? PT.2

Dude said he had the word on the curb...whose asking?  he said he had the Sword Of Truth...its like this and like that!

 Whose basking in the limelight at the Academy Awards?  please!! jokers get played like Gus and Herb by the system....but they refuse to fight that! 

Jokers like me incite that riot with the Sonic Assault...they said he ain't right!! who got hit with the Blackjack?  per the Atlanta player player?  he said its on and popping! 

....catching up on his pimping....unlike Ron Jeremy...he said he's not quiting or stopping!

Meanwhile were cosmic slopping...son?..that's the deally? but its not a simple thing...every possible obstacle gets in the way!

Meanwhile bad karma is stopping progress for some...but in Egypt the funds keep flowing....but now the morale is low after the system gets in their way! 

Dude said he hates to alarm ya!!  but he states the whole game is shady!

 Like Harbaugh brothers in the Super Bowl..especially after the Atlanta Falcons got beat...damn!!  its rough on a Grady Baby! 

Its not all gravy baby!!  that's the word on the curb;  who starts with a brotha?  like Israel firing missiles at Syria foul ones try to execute agendas! 

Its not all gravy baby!!  that's the word on the curb..but some will get whats coming to them;  the Sonic Assault executes pretenders!

The whole game is shady...lenders become borrowers and vice versa..some face accusations like A-Rod or even Ray Lewis...

That's the word on the curb for those that are asking...but some will remain clueless..  

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