Saturday, January 26, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.3

What it do like John Kerry in confirmation hearings..we act like we knew..but we let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

A lot of things were going on behind the scenes..some are loathing and fearing like at the World Economic Forum...please!!  my people have to pray! 

No weapons formed will work against this spoken by Ray Lewis after the Ravens won! 

In fact...sonic weaponry is stashed by us;  check the Sonic Assault.. some will get whats coming to them.......O-Dizzle is not the one! 

O-Zone is also not the one to play games with these people... I let them go on about their business!

Danger zone moves are made like French troops in Mali...soon laying in the cut handling breakbeat scientific business! 

Dangerous clones do Babylons bidding; fake with it when they're in the community!

Strangers were hit by drones...the target was missed!! now investigations by the UN are some aren't impressed with my diplomatic immunity! 

....some are even hoping it gets revoked!! but It's Gotta Be Good! damn!! but I noticed the prime time player choked when he tried to get his game on! 

Contracts are revoked!! due to the Deliberate Falsehood they're  considered null and void!! you know..the ones he signed his name on! 

Contracts are invoked with others...mafioso type...they'll get their flame on burn it down like a disco inferno!

Contacts were smoked out....others fell a step or two behind due to the economy;  no love eternal!

Lessons were learned though dude said he needed to catch up on his pimping! 

Stressing..because nobody was checking for him; please!!   I told him...its not a simple thing!

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