Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nobody Was Checking For Me / Its Still A Hood Thing

Nobody was checking for me...unless I was sick as the flu...but as I mentioned before..that could be a good thing! 

Disrespecting me...but at the end of the day when its all said and done?  they'll recognize that this is a hood thing!

 I've gotten good at doing the damn thing..just trying to maintain;  breakbeat science is dropped...experience is the best teacher! 

But I still mess up from time to the French in Mali...fighting Al Qaida...but its no crime I'm still trying to reach ya!

Still fighting a I beseech ya like a preacher!! word from this troubleshooter accused of being a troublemaker! 

Trouble Man per Marvin Gaye  or I'm worldwide...actually I'm intergalactic..they  said I'm found where trouble will take you! 

Another will fake you!! but how did they play?  rolling in the corporate environment...rocking a doo-rag and a New Orleans Saints jersey!

I'm still hood..but I don't work it like that;  jokers will think your unworthy! 

You heard me? this good word will be a weapon in the ongoing saga / uphill struggle!

 Its a good thing to be able to do this!! in the playoff  with the big boys....not losing our poise...blessings were discussed over on Candler Rd in Decatur with another brotha! 

...while another discussed the apparatus stressing us; said it wasn't a good thing!! owing insurance companies and Wells Fargo type banks! 

Others bum rushed the show per Public Enemy;  attacking the enemy!! said its a hood thing..the situation stanks! 

O-Dizzle cold crushed!!  the funk stanks!! its a hood thing per James Brown or George Clinton! 

O-Zone stayed calm...this good word is the rebuttal as some hushed the nonsense; of course for me these jokers aren't checking!

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