Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.2

....letting them do what they do...colonial like the French in Mali? what will the style be? I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!

I was letting them know how it go with this!!  good like the old school preacher beseeching you / asking you;  let us pray!

No catching up on their pimping type /  Shirley Murdock as we lay type of business!!  checked out the by product! 

Wishing it was simple..but the hype was too I just watch my conduct! 

My peeps were corrupted like jokers that  chilled on the underweb! 

Black market internet..the apparatus had others in the Dragnet; one  Adam twelve..Jack Webb! 

The spiders web was upgraded / some are caught up in the system / matrix! 

Meanwhile I dunked like Spud Webb...others meddle..the spy was upgraded; now called a whiste blower..still snitching!!  they fake it!

Down here in the ATL getting crunk...the window in the glass house?  they break it..but they lived in a glass house too! 

They knew they were wrong!!  now they try to duck or lay low as the glass breaks through!

Fakes act like they knew...please!! but they come up short like Atlanta Falcons;  or maybe Louisville Cardinals..

Jakes act like they knew after snitches start talking or whistle blowing...opportunities? some are blowing..but still hustling and playing...real with it when they start these and those? 

I wanted no part of those...they lost I'm letting them do what they do...

I'm just trying to the heart of those...hostile territories..not trying to act like they do...


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