Monday, January 21, 2013

Trying Not To Get Stuck or Caught Up

Moving targets are hard to I kept it moving...please!! you'll be held hostage like in Algeria...I was trying not to get stuck! 

...or even caught up...trying not be a victim of circumstances;  getting played by a gambler out for a fast buck!

 Circumstances were debatable though; being built or torn down?  one who rambles off at the mouth was whistle blowing! 

Wet and dry snitching...soon hoping and wishing;  but one who dances with wolves or devils weren't really knowing! 

Bewitching hours catch them off guard on so many levels;  they'll get kicked off the stage like Lupe Fiasco..that's why they can't work with me! 

Mechanical engineering is going down!! industrial strength..rebuking genetic engineering like corn in bio-diversity! 

Rebuking a fanatic and their social engineering; knowing from the get go they weren't right!! life university taught me to recognize the pattern! 

Now jumping to conclusions after dealing with the adversity..the universe is where I'm cruising;  rolling in the mothership..out beyond Pluto, Mars, and Saturn.

Not rolling on a Boeing 787 New Birth hoping the Dream Merchant will find ya...but ongoing situations were bruising and battering my ego!! but I try to maintain focus! 

Blowing opportunities due to distractions? checked the interactions..pain is introduced by the bogus! 

A veteran in the game now coaching; trying not to get stuck! 

Plus taking Ms Peters the fourth grade teachers advice; you can't trust to luck!

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