Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stranded On Earth / The Mothership Has Landed

As we proceed and continue...its going down like this..even though were disrespected by Steve Stockman types.... were trying to keep it moving! 

True indeed!! the mothership has landed on earth!! lights blink on the instrument panel aka the mixer....O-Dog will rock man!! we keep grooving! 

True indeed...stranded on French troops in Mali the drama jumps off...but were hip to previous episodes and reruns like TV Land...they try to slow us down! 

We grab the remote and change the channel...alley, ghetto and country accusations are dealt with...but check out how its going down! 

A beat and a quote are used to handle these situations...jokers will get whats coming to them...just like Dow Jones crooks...but business elements are basic or fundamental! 

Out in these Noah up in the Ark / boat...dipping down I-20 in Atlanta through danger zones.....listening to an O-Dizzle instrumental..

Out in these streets...the sword of truth I I had a sack full! 

Not a sack full of marijuana....real or synthetic... the good herb; naw!!  its the good word..please!!  haters will track a fool! 

Plus jokers aren't sympathetic!! so I take them back to school with these funk seminars! 

We kept it moving!!  but sometimes out of sync with seems were standing alone against the world...while some jokers are pathetic; but were all trying to heal physical and mental scars! 

We kept it moving...metaphysical and fundamental principles are exercised! power;  avoiding the fireshower..from wannabe heroics at the last hour;  perpetrated by the wise and otherwise!

Check Out The Mothership Has Landed Mix



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