Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rise Up or Wise Up?

I heard what was said!! Samuel L Jackson told Atlanta Falcons to Rise Up!

Some are the Falcons they could score but couldn't stop anybody!!  unlike Hillary Clinton...they couldn't defend themselves...maybe next year they can wise up! 

Nothing to fear but the unrest in Mali...what will the style be?  as we size up the competition; with a Fresh Vision  we were peeping game! 

As we go there!! chilling...low key;  not loud and boisterous like these ATLiens..but were not sleeping in the game! 

Creeping up in the the North Korea nuclear program... slow rolling on them; some passed us up...they crashed and burned! 

Cheap merchandise should have been returned to the service desk!! were hoping the lesson was learned! 

If not? class is in session...check the sonic aggression; ..who can work with these clearance rack epiphanies that are always in season? 

Heard static and interference during the broadcast;  frequencies were jammed;  like Mali or Syria.? ....there's always treason!

 Checking out Earth Wind and Fire;  always listen to Reasons!!  as a joker cries up in this piece!

The clock will expire..the home team lost like down here in Atlanta!! pundits search for reasons as I wise up..reflecting on no justice no peace!

Please!! its hard to rise up!!  the unholy trinity is intercepting or deflecting passes! 

Banks!! insurance companies!!  and the government signed the whats up with it?  now I conduct funk seminars and classes!

The brotha from the motherland said he prays and fasts..he was real spiritual! 

Knowledge dropped on this man?  God first, family, and health  should be the focus..then you'll be blessed!!  that's the deal;  so whatcha know?

O-Dizzle cosmic slopped!!  ignoring the wise and otherwise they weren't about business! 

Acknowledged we had to wise up; then we can rise up!!  so whats up? Its Gotta Be Good!! that's the business!

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