Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Out Of Sync...After Jumping and Recognizing..

Going through the process; I was out of sync..like the Redskins without RGIII....even after jumping and recognizing!

Jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern; its like some things aren't surprising! 

Keep your eyes on the prize like the NRA vs The White House;  jump into the ring for the championship bout! 

Eyes blink from the fresh vision revelations!! scientific with it like Mayans and a 1991 Solar Eclipse..confirming the doubt! 

Check this good word / hieroglyphics..based on living and learning;  going all out with it!! in a corporate environment rocking Dockers with a cell phone pocket!

The word on the curb? Oprah will ask Lance Armstrong..meanwhile were living and learning..knowing how the sport can get;  jokers try to lock us down in a cell...soon on a court docket! 

...in District or Superior Court; dealing with superiority complexes ...but these chief rockers rock it!! but its not a simple thing! 

This mystic is a veteran in the sport...now coaching....but on my own...not fired like Rob Ryan...didn't step aside like Scott Skiles; next up with this...but not out on front street like Harry Styles; rocking this..ignoring the drama the wise and otherwise bring..

Jumping and recognizing!! like domain awareness systems clocking this! 

Humping like the middle of the week!!  blue collar style!!  I told ya were rocking this!

Jumping and recognizing...knowing whose foul..able to solve the riddle..even though things get hot like 2012 was...

Whose knocking this? probably the apparatus..check the status..like AIG vs the government; so whats up with this? 

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