Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors PT.2

The smoke and mirrors show was in full effect; whose putting it down like Newt Gingrich...or even Vladimir Putin.?..we were dedicated to the truth..others are disputing it...whose waiting on the fog to lift?

Whose dealing with these glitches in the matrix? snitches fake it..the joke was on us the comedians said; now were caught out there after the priorities shift! 

Authorities were like Israel over in the Gaza Strip..they will or won't lift the embargo in some spots; so knowledge wasn't dropped! 

Hostile territories representatives try to start with a bro!! they're flagrant agents hoping that are endeavors are stopped! 

The fire was fully involved!!! I stopped dropped and rolled like I was advised to! 

The smoke was heavy!! plus it was enhanced by was hard to see!!  I know it surprised you! broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline; R.I.P Heavy how are my peeps living? it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! that's how it is in the swamp lands; out in the marsh!

What's the deally? please be advised some have had enough...check the Occupy movement...some are ready to get amped out there where conditions are harsh! 

The static will cling even if you starch those jeans!! were you observing these scenes?  everything is f@cked up!

Its electric out there in the smoke and mirror show; they'll  make a mockery of yours; its mucked up!

Breakbeat scientific resources and materials are trucked up into this piece; we took Eddie Kendricks advice...we didn't pump breaks like Bendix or Wagner...even though "it ain't nothing nice"

Of course cultural and spiritual warfare are still going down...even though it's still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..some will have to think twice..

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