Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About PT.4

Caught in a moment of time as we fall back; I was feeling some kind of way about it! 

Its a critical stage of development; we were asked to leave the premises like Occupy Wall Street protesters...haters try to get the best of ya!! meanwhile O-Dizzle will play the funk; he's going all out with it!

Still bumping heads with the arch nemesis...hurt like Mike Vick; admitting I'm not all bout bout it like Master P mentioned back in the day! 

Whose tricking because they've got it? meanwhile authorities schemed and plotted...that's why I'm not fronting and flossing; too much attention is drawn that way! 

....Then you'll be subject to the authority; you can drown that way...swimming in the deep waters! 

....On shores off of hostile territory...Montezuma to Tripoli? or even out in Sirte....the brotha Gaddafi can't tell you the deally.. meanwhile I'm deep in the stream of consciousness; they wonder why a brotha bothers!

A hater smothers the flame..when I tell this story...trying to say I'm unfit for the job like Herman Cain...but I know about Libya..but I'm not mad at the player just the game! 

But brothers are gonna work it out like Willie Hutch mentioned; the path others chose was their reaction to the ongoing madness...plus the devil will oppose; some realize that its all game! 

Check the math we chose after feeling some kind of way about it! 

Breakbeat science is in full affect; we go all out for it!

No doubt about it...we're paying the price..but we're feeling some kind of way about it...let the healing process begin..

No doubt about it..."it ain't nothing nice" but it's on...once again...

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