Sunday, November 20, 2011

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.5

Noticed I was out of sync with these earthlings; it's like the clash of the the clash between police and protesters in Egypt..I was feeling some kind of way about it! 

Rolling through..trying to link...the mothership landed back down on earth;..doing my thing..listening to Egyptian Lover's Egypt....but I was given a notice of eviction; I consulted with the old earth; I was advised to pray about it! 

Whose subject to the authority? ..soon facing a conviction after falling about it? we need to recognize the pattern! 

Subjects to drama royalty? not hardly..please!! these jokers remind me of Darth Vader claiming land in the Ukraine...meanwhile O-Dizzle puts it down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Saturn! 

Any loyalty?...please!! you'll get thrown under the bus like the Republicans are doing Herman you'll play yourself..meanwhile the prosecution objects when diplomatic immunity is evil forces are merging; whose losing or winning?  it's like the BCS chaos..the whole process is bruising egos! 

The persecution has me feeling some kind of way about it; as I go all out for it!! the machine?  I see they're choosing Mexicans, Arabs and Negroes! 

...But I might be losing Negroes and others; the message might be lost in translation! 

...Feeling some kind of way about it..but this brotha is defiant like Occupy Oakland; going all out for it!! as I transcend..check the transformation!

As we transfer this information...breakbeat scientific principles are used as the vehicle...

But I'm feeling some kind of way about it..sometimes seeing, hearing and knowing too much for my own damn what's good? the smoke and mirrors? I see through...

But I'm feeling some kind of way about it..nobody can be you but you per Steve Arrington...

Damned if we do or don' war? please believe me..nobody will be fair in them..

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