Friday, November 18, 2011

Changing The Game

A bruh had to change the game up; it's a shame how some act up in this piece..rolling like Newt Gingrich..I could see these folks weren't going to act right! 

Plus things were strange; no Black Friday? will the Grinch steal Christmas?  plus theres a lot of glitches in the matrix; its hard to get your act tight! 

Too many takes during the rehearsal; the director said were gonna be up in here all night!

Plus too many fakes with curses.. acting like they knew; getting beat like Denver Broncos did the New York Jets...but they said everything was alright! 

....Uptight and clean out of sight; word from Stevie Wonder..but this is a critical stage of development....I the joke on them?

Like Compton's Most Wanted whose letting the hood take them under? needing to change the game up..or needing to Tighten Up like Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas; now finding out how complex it is...wishing it was simple..the jokes on them!

Houston? we have a problem...the machine? it broke on them!!  even the deficit panel will was hard to put their order in; no FedEx deliveries! 

Whose observing us? ready to run and tell it..we're admitting were broke but we paid attention; especially during the ongoing technical difficulties!

Cults of personalities were partying to the break of dawn!!..others watching Breaking Dawn... 

Results from previous episodes are analyzed...what's the prognosis? chilling out...low key..not overdosing..choosing to take the assignment..were Ready To Roll..changing the game up..we're moving faster that than the speed of light...breaking on them!!

Let the healing process begin...were taking them on..check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.. 

Changing the game shame up in this piece..we're coming at them in another form or fashion...

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