Friday, November 18, 2022

Prepare Yourself / It's Going Down Pt.5


Coming through on a Flashback Friday, reflecting on past episodes asking myself what's the prognosis? I had to analyze the information!

It's more mysterious than an X-File check the style, so you'll have to prepare yourself peep the public transportation  / transformation!

It's a Fabulous Friday, a blessing to be here but some are needing help; some were drowning in the night!
After Running With The Night per Lionel Richie? some know what the deal will be, they'll need to prepare themselves like Twitter employees! its going down but soon angels were dragging out the darkness. They're even moving clouds that were dark, now some can prepare themselves no longer bitter since now there's light! But there's collateral damage, some are still waiting in the dark spotted out where the crushed heart is.

Prepare Yourself like the GOP House agenda mentioning investigating Hunter Biden and Dr Anthony Fauci the devil and his advocates will start that and this!

Go on with your bad self, rock the house! that's the encouragement received by Brotha O so now he's getting breakbeat scientific check this good word and the sound he's starting that and this!

This poem? well, we're breaking it down like this but its not all the things we never said. Well, actually per another Lionel Richie Flashback Friday reference its another chance to say hello! Prepare yourself, it's going down!! this good word? it's like written coffee shop conversations are had. We're dragging out all the darkness in this world, expelling it or it'll be like Curtis Mayfield we're all seeing hell below.

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