Monday, November 28, 2022

Prepare Yourself / It's Going Down (Part Ten)


Alas, another Monday morning has pulled up on us, retailers calculate the cost since this is Cyber Monday;  it's a blessing / bonus , so get hype!  prepare yourself; its going down!

Brotha O? doing the damn thing!  some say acting a fool up in this piece when I'm all about peace, dropping this good word and the sound!

O-Dizzle? oh!! he's the minister of defense in case something jumps off, weaponizing the sound teaching jokers a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack! check out how we "holla back" with  these sounds and words from the night aka the blue hours. 

The reign began with a drizzle check the paradigm shift out here; it's going down even when I wrote this in those wee hours. 

So what's the dizzle? prepare yourself, I keep telling y'all it's rough out here! it's easy to make a reckless decision. 

Positivity vs having cruel thoughts? we fight back with these sonic assaults! word to those asking how are we living!

Prepare yourself it's going down from here in Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to London to Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars, or wherever you're living!

Prepare yourself it's going down out here in the mainstream of mathematics aka a reality that's unforgiving!

Prepare yourself it's going down, but some were giving up; I see they walked through the doorway to the end.
Brotha O the last one standing after moving to the next level? I know, reality is so demanding!! honor? others supposedly felt they had to defend. Silence awaits? your dude prepared himself ignoring fools that hate so it's cool, there's no more crazy debates! But soon echoes of regret are heard, naysayers wanna "holla back" but I moved on, it's too late.

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