Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Deep House Mix | Winter Chill Deep House Selections Vol. 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; of course we're claiming that terrific outcome!

Now check out this O-Dog Day Party a naysayer shouldn't even start with me as we celebrate life by pulling out the drum!

Once again?  it's on as we interrupt very briefly, the negativity was trying to take over. 

The sound is weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare that some have made into a culture one so once again its on, it ain't over!

Plus the O-Dog Day Party is not over as we transition into Tuesday evening, we kept believing coming through listening to Deep House Mix | Winter Chill Deep House Selections Vol. 1

Check the playlist and the mix we're not playing around with this!! once again it's on!!

1. Beatsbyhand - Don’t Let Me Down 
2. ColorJaxx - Strawberry Love 
3. Andrea Sardo - Free Anymore 
4. Oscar P - A Little More (David Harness Remix)
5. DJ Christian B - Outside (Original Mix) 
6. Kid Fonque & Jonny Miller - Keep It Jozi (Intr0beatz Remix) 
7. Fynn - Up For It feat. Kali Mija 
8. Fireberg - Within Your Arms (Scott Diaz Remix) 
9. Prince Ivyson - Ascending 
10. Foxt - Astral (Vasily Umanets Remix) 
11. Dallomo - Baltimora (Original Mix) 
12. Hideo Kobayashi, Jaidene Veda, Fuminori Kagajo, CityBoy from Seoul - Find Myself (Sebb Junior Remix) 
Curated, compiled, and mixed by: Jonathan Camargo

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